Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Experiment On Yourself

Because I have Type 1 diabetes and because I use a One Touch Animas Ping Insulin Pump I get to stick an insulin pump infusion set needle in me every 3 days. (That's down from 8-10 insulin shots a day.)

I've never really had a problem with the infusion sets before, every once in a while I hit a vein and the site stung for a bit, but that's been the biggest problem. But now that I've lost a substantial amount of weight, the needle on the infusion set is actually hurting when it goes in. I'm at 37.3% body fat (still considered overfat) and adding the weight back on is not an option, so I've decided to experiment a bit.

There are many infusion sets, but the two suggested ones for my insulin pump are the Unomedical Inset (straight) and the Unomedical Inset 30 (angled).

Left to Right: Unomedical Inset and Unomedical Inset 30

I've been using the Unomedical Inset for the past 7 years. So, I thought I'd try out the Unomedical Inset 30, since it is suggested for lean adults and children. (Bored yet?) Since I still have some pockets of fat below my shoulder blades I am now alternating between the Insets on the back and the Inset 30s on my stomach.

UPDATE: Both kinds of sets hurt. The solution I've found is to place an ice pack over my skin for 60 seconds before inserting the infusion set. This may involve me lying on the ground on top of the ice pack for when I am using the Insets in my back. Stay tuned....
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