Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Try Out Some "New" Equipment

It's time to switch up my weight lifting/strength routine again. And this time I'm adding some new equipment. Did I get new expensive stuff? Of course not! I'm making do with what I already have and dipping into the recycling bin for others.

Equipment: Theraband (left over from my physical therapy), SPRI band (purchased for $10 last year) and file folder (free).

Plie side squat with front raise (I have added the front raise to the exercise and am using the file folder in place of the towel or gliding disk you put under the foot you are sliding.) (8 lbs.) Instructions available in October 2010 issue of Shape Magazine.
Dual Resistance Press (Green SPRI band and 5 lb dumbbells)
Bent over "bar rows" (Using 2 13.5 lb dumbbells instead.)
Bridge Chest Press (8 lbs)

Rear Raise Kickback
(Using 2 8 lb. weights instead of bar)
Decline Push-Ups

Plank on Stability Ball
(Week 1=30 seconds, Week 2 & 3=50 seconds, Week 4 & 5= 70 seconds.)
Circle Crunch (Use black Theraband)
Footwork Angel (Use green SPRI band.) Instructions available in October 2010 issue of Shape Magazine.
Oblique crunch with weights (3 lb. weight in each hand)
Swissball Back Extensions

As always,
Week 1 of each exercise= 15 reps, 30 seconds for plank (30 mins)
Week 2 & Week 3= 15 reps X2, 50 seconds for plank (60 mins)
Week 4 & Week 5= 15 reps x3, 70 seconds for plank (75 mins)

***1-2 minutes of light cardio activity at the end of each grouping of exercise
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