Monday, October 4, 2010

Close The Book On Book Club

I have a confession. I'm a book club drop out. I held on for about a year before I had to face facts.

Fact 1:
I read so quickly (and so many books) that by the time the group meets, I can't remember the story line anymore.

Fact 2:
Book club members don't agree with my practice of abandoning a book. (If it doesn't draw me in after a few chapters, I won't finish reading it.)

Fact 3:
I don't need more to read. (4-6 books and 6-8 magazines a month is plenty, thank you.)

Fact 4:
Having members taking turns picking books at random does not work for me

While I miss seeing my friends, I don't miss the book club. But if they want to start a walking club, they know where to find me.
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