Monday, November 22, 2010

Follow The Madrid Protocol

Martin and I were visiting his family in Madrid, Spain a few months ago and within six hours of touchdown at the airport I already had to pee really badly with no bathroom in sight. (Public bathrooms are not as plentiful in Spain as they are in the United States and bar owners aren't keen on drop ins.) We eventually tracked down a bathroom in a supermarket. The toilet had no seat, but hey, at that point I was not picky, but I learned my lesson. After that, I enforced, what I call, The Madrid Protocol. Simply put: if there is a bathroom where you are, use it before you leave.

We have carried this protocol back with us to the United States. We often visit Portland, Oregon, as it's just a 15 minute drive away from our house, but sometimes the bridge connecting Oregon and Washington is raised, or there is an accident, or a truck of snack goods has overturned, so I often invoke the Madrid Protocol before leaving.

So far, so good. Although I do have a bladder made of steel, I'd really rather not test it's true strength.
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