Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Make It Real Simple

While heading toward the library self check, I happened to see this book on the NEW! shelf.

Real Simple: 869 new uses for old things

Both my mother and I had been Real Simple magazine subscribers back when the magazine launched. Our interested waned after it turned into a big shopping catalog (to be fair, most magazines are just big shopping catalogs) so I was delighted to see a collection of what I actually like about the magazine: new uses for old things.

I had already heard of many of the tips. For example, I've been clipping my earrings through the holes of my watch band (when going to the gym) since Field Hockey practice in High School (you can also loop your bracelet or rings through the watch straps to keep them contained).

But I like reading through the examples because it encourages me to think up even more ideas on how to use things different ways.

I won't buy the book (because I don't really buy books) but I highly suggest you give it a look see. The last section: 10 New Uses For This Book, is especially clever.
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