Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trim It Down

My leisurely days of working out have come to a close, because I have a job! I have calculated that I have about 30 minutes to workout each morning. I took a look at my normal strength training program and have cut anything that was redundant. I tested it today, and it took me about 30 minutes.

Here it is:

5 minutes of warm up (dancing, jumping around etc.)
Forward Lunge Raise (6 lb medicine ball)
Chest Press Crunch (black resistance band, 2 lb hand weights)
Triceps-3 Way (black resistance band)
Scorpion Planks
Walk Out Push Ups
Raised Kicks
Oblique Crunch on Stability Ball

I will do this routine 3x a week (M, W, F) and each week I will add 2 reps. For example: Week 1: 15 reps, Week 2: 17 reps, Week 3: 19 reps and so on until I hit the end of six weeks. Then I will create a new program to follow.

So my full exercise program now includes:
Strength training: 3x week (30 minutes at a time)
Cardio 6x week (30 minutes at a time, 2 in the morning: T,TH and 4 at work: M,T,W,TH)
Optional: 2 hour hike/cross country skiing

I've 10 lbs to go to hit my "goal" weight, so this ought to do it, plus, it's so FUN!
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