Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help Them Help You

When I get sick, I turn into a Zombie. The minute my brain fills with goo, I can't think, I have a hard time talking and I generally just want to sleep and sleep and sleep. This leaves my husband clueless as to my well being. And because having Type 1 diabetes complicates everything, it makes him worry that something really bad is going on.

Also, he never gets sick. He's been sick maybe once in our ten year marriage, so being sick is foreign to him.

We'd talked before about making this scenario easier for both of us, but once I got better, other things caught my attention and I forgot again until we were stuck back in the same situation.

But no more...

because I have created the Illness Indicator.

It's a one page check list that I can use to let him know what is going on with my health. It covers all the bases, both normal medical and diabetes specific (ketones, etc.) and has a handy section reminding him of foods I like to eat when I am sick.

I went over it with him to make sure everything made sense, printed it out to make sure it worked well (enough space to actually check off the boxes, etc.) and now have a stack in the cabinet ready for the next time I feel sick.

I encourage you to make your own so that you can help your loved ones, help you.
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