Monday, May 2, 2011

Have Your Way With P90X

My lovely friend, Jessica, lent me her P90X Extreme Home Fitness program (retail price: $140.00). The program consists of 12 workout DVDs (plus 1 DVD with 2 bonus 30 minute cardio workouts). It also comes with a nutrition guide but that really didn't interest me (to be clear: nutrition is super important to fitness, but I've got my own thing going).

There are 3 basic plans that Tony Horton (the instructor) suggests that you can create with the 12 DVDs.

1. P90X Classic (suggested for men)
2. P90X Lean (suggested for women)
3. P90X Doubles (has extra cardio)

Well, I didn't like any of those programs, so I've created my own:

P90X LIA (Lite with Increased Aerobics)

M: 30 minutes P90X Chest + Back, 30 minutes P90X Kempo

T: 60 minutes cardio

W: 30 minutes P90X Legs + Back, 30 minutes P90X Kempo

Th: 60 minutes cardio

F: 30 minutes P90X Core Synergistics, 30 minutes P90X Kempo

SN: 60 minutes cardio

Totals: 1.5 hrs strength training, 4.5 hrs cardio per week

I will do 10 reps of each strength training move (push up, pull up (modified), etc) for the first 3 week period, then add more reps as needed. For the fourth week, I will swap out some of the strength training with Yoga* or the P90X X Strength DVD.

And it all begins TODAY!

* Tony babbles non stop on all the DVDs, and the ones that do NOT have a CUE/MUSIC feature (basically, you only hear him when he is about to cue) like the P90X Yoga and the 2 bonus workouts are useless to me.
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