Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Try It Both Ways

I've been going to Portland Beer and Blog for years, and now, thanks to Sean Wiese, I can go to Vancouver (WA) Beer and Blog too! Although I don't partake in the "beering" I do like to talk about blogging. As noted in a recent article in The Columbian newspaper written by Sue Vorenberg:

At the April meeting, group members new and old shared beer and spinach dip as they compared smartphones and talked about what sort of applications they use to tweet and blog.

“My advice, always be prepared to blog when the blog post starts in your head,” Hollander told those sitting around her table.

That drew a slight wince from Anderson.

“I seem to get my best ideas when my hands are unavailable,” she said.

But Mary Rarick, who came from Portland to check out the meeting, had a solution.

“I wrote a blog about that — and then I found a product where you can actually write while you’re in the shower,” Rarick said.

Wiese said he hopes more people will come out and join the conversation at Beer and Blog’s May meeting this week.

“All you have to do is show up, buy a beer and hang out,” Wiese said.

Like Sean said, please join us at Vancouver (WA) Beer and Blog, we'd love to have you!
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