Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simplicity Is Brillant

I've been known to read one or two business magazines, and I'm always delighted by stories of companies making it big, solving problems, or helping customers. Well, last week I opened my Fast Company magazine, the "100 Most Creative People In Business" issue. I read about Conan O'Brien, read about Oprah, read about Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos). But the article that stopped me in my tracks, that actually brought tears to my eyes was the one about Neil Powell, executive creative director at London ad agency BMB NY. After a plea from UNICEF on behalf of mothers in Uganda, Powell and colleagues designed a blanket for infants that also educates their mothers about how to best take care of them.

This is simply brilliant.

Powell is currently traveling through Uganda and handing out the blankets. You can follow his journey by following his twitter account: @infoblanket.
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