Monday, July 18, 2011

Contemplate Calmness

Although I usually didn't use Twitter or Facebook very much on the weekend anyway, I was still wondering if I would suffer from withdrawal symptoms after deleting both accounts.

The only side effects seem to be calmness and random thoughts that have no place to go. Occasionally I will remember that I forgot to grab a email address from my Facebook account or realize I won't be able to see updated pictures, but then I remind myself that I am working on strengthening relationships in real life, and that there are other ways to get this information, if I really need it.

When I am on the computer (to study for my HAM radio exam, pay bills, etc.) my time is much shorter and I don't feel so drained afterwards. And that pull that I used to feel in the back of my mind, wondering if someone needed me for something (in the form of a Twitter/Facebook message) is gone.

If I am truly needed, I can be easily alerted.

The false sense of urgency and importance has receded and that makes me much calmer. My desire to write blog posts has returned, and for that I am grateful.

Have a lovely day!
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