Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't Be So Blind

This story is almost too embarrassing to tell. But, I will tell it anyway. When my husband and I moved in to our house over 8 years ago, I found a stash of extra vertical blinds in a closet. Over the years, some of the blinds in the windows have broken or gone missing. I would remember that we possibly had some extra ones in the closet, but it seemed like such a monumental task. How would I get the little notches cut in the top of blinds? How would I cut them to length? It was just way too complicated. So I ignored them.

Well today, I finally actually opened the package of extra blinds. Turns out they already had the notch cut in them, and that you can cut vinyl blinds with your trusty scissors (thank you, Internet). So, it took me 15 minutes to fix/replace the four blinds that were missing. And I now have an empty shelf in the closet.

While I am embarrassed that it took me 8 years to be sensible and actually open the package, mostly I am glad to have them finished!
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