Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Library Loves You Too

I have always had a deep love of the public library system here in the United States. I'm a bit of a book addict and I love having a huge supply of books without having to actually store any in our house. And now, just when I didn't think I could love my library any more, it has gifted me with a way to feed my need for new workout music and my intense dislike of having to pay for it. Enter: freegal music!

With my library card I am able to download 3 songs a week for "free" (granted: the taxes I pay for the library go towards paying) from various Song Music Entertainment artists.

For my first week, I chose:

Hall and Oates: Maneater
Adele: Rolling In The Deep
Britney Spears: Toxic*

I use the Fort Vancouver, WA library system, but check out your local library to see if they are participating in this program!

*My intense love of this new program supersedes my embarrassment of adding Britney to my playlist.

Monday, August 22, 2011

De-Green Your House

Here in Vancouver, WA we are not only blessed with green outside of the house (moss) but inside as well (hard water). Almost every sink, shower and toilet we have has green stains in it. When we moved in to the house, we thought perhaps the previous owners were using the tub to die things green. But I did some Internet searching and found out they were mineral deposits.

So, I tried the gentle approach: soap & water, vinegar, baking soda, but nothing could remove the stains. I tried Oxi Clean, I tried bleach, and then I tried CLR. While CLR did make a dent on some of the stains, it was not a slam dunk. What finally turned our toilet from nasty green and brown to a sparkling white was a pumice stone and about 2 hours of elbow grease. I used the bathroomstone by Earthstone, it was only about $4, but it did such a great job I would have paid $100.

As for outside, I scraped up the big moss with a paint stirrer, then swept the concrete patio. I applied Oxi Clean and water to the patio, brushed the solution around, let it sit for an hour, then hosed it off. It certainly made a difference, but it didn't make it all go away. So I had to use chlorine bleach mixed with water on the trouble spots.

All in all, I'm happy with the results, and I'm happy to know what actually works!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Has Nothing To Do With You

I usually try not to post things late at night, but after a day of nursing a wicked cold my mind is swirling with various topics. And the best way to get it to quiet down is by getting one out.

In the past few years I have a handful of friends who have essentially freaked out on me. After asking my opinion about weight loss or health, and not liking my answer (to lose weight you need to reduce the calories you are eating) they have called me names, unfriended/blocked me from various social networks, and stopped talking to me. And as much as these actions sting, I know that they have nothing to do with me. Each person is scared and/or in pain and it's much easier to lash out at someone than to stop and hear the truth (you are the only one responsible for the choices you make).

So I back off and hope that they find those magical tenants. That they need to put themselves first in life, that accepting responsibility opens many doors, and that they have the power within them to attain the goals they want so desperately.

And every once in awhile, a friend returns. And I bask in the glow of their new found self. And it makes me hopeful that more will do the same. Not because I want to hear that I was right, but because I want to hear that they found their happiness.