Monday, September 12, 2011

Knowledge Transforms

In three short months I have gone from someone terrified of guns to someone that loves "shooting holes through paper." And I owe lots of it to Mark and Mike at Cascades Firearms Training they were patient with me during the day long NRA Basic Pistol Course, and didn't push me when I was terrified to touch the open and unloaded guns sitting on the table. Because they were so patient, I was able to get comfortable with a situation I had only seen in movies and on T.V. (i.e. being near a real gun). And eventually, we went to the range and I was able to actually shoot. Yes, I was nervous (my blood sugar skyrocketed from the stress), but they didn't push me and I stopped when I'd had enough.

Their knowledge, attention to safety, and respect of firearms made me trust them, and thus trust myself. And that has made my journey in to plinking (shooting paper targets) that much sweeter.
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