Monday, September 26, 2011

Watch it, Tiger

I have lots of tricks to combat muscle and back soreness (massage, foam roller, Pilates videos, heat packs, ice packs, and Advil) and now I've added another one to my arsenal: Tiger Balm. I originally heard about Tiger Balm from a friend, when she heard me complaining of extreme back pain (turns out, I had broken a disc in my vertebra, and needed surgery for the fix) and heard of it again recently, on Dr. Oz.

Essentially, it is a herbal version of Icy Hot (only, it never gets cold). I have found that you have to put just the right amount of the ointment on, to get it to do its thing. And its thing? A burning sensation (in a good way). It feels like I have a heating pad on my back even though I don't. And it's great for when I want to be mobile because trying to tie the heating pad on to my back with ace bandages doesn't work so well.

The only drawback is, it "may stain cloth" scratch that, IT DOES STAIN! So skip the red version and get the white one, and you won't have to sit on towels for fear of staining the couch.
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