Thursday, October 6, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

I had a job interview yesterday at an ad agency in Portland, OR. and hours later find myself baffled at something that happened. Was I amazed that I could hear dogs barking off and on for the four hours I was in the office? No, I knew it was a dog friendly office, and frankly, Portland is a dog friendly town, so while it was a bit different, it certainly wasn't unexpected.

Was I baffled by the fact that my interviews took place inside a huge art installation, made of sticks and branches, aka "The Nest"?

From Interior Design

No. While it was certainly trippy, it wasn't unexpected. So what was this thing that was so shocking? This thing that I'm still baffled at right now?

Well, one of my interviewers has a daughter with the same name as me. Same name, same pronunciation, everything. I have never met anyone with my name before (abbreviations and fake names like Lia19 do not count).

When I was little, if I wanted to see my name in print, I was forced to cut the "Lia" out of Parliament Lights cigarette magazine ads. My favorite countries included SomaLIA and AustraLIA. And my favorite song was, Leah, by Roy Orbison (even though he spelled it wrong).

Since then, I've only seen my name in mainstream media three times. Lia Huber, writer for Cooking Light Magazine, Lia Sophia (a jewelry company named after the founder's two daughters) and more recently a guest on the Dr. Oz show. It was so strange to see my name on TV, that I literally couldn't change the channel. Even as I squirmed uncomfortably while he told TV Lia that the "Real Age" of her vagina (due to poor diet, being overweight, etc.) was 87, I still stayed on the channel.

So even though these thoughts raced through my head, I did not share them with the interviewer. Instead I finished the interview and told him to tell his daughter that she has the most beautiful name ever.

But to get used to being called Lisa.
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