Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fill Your Arsenal

My current exercise program consists of:

2-3 sessions of weight training (30-60 minutes depending on # of reps)
4 sessions of cardio (30-60 minutes depending on intensity)
Stretching after every workout.

My weight training workouts come from the 12 programs I have complied in a notebook. They are usually from fitness magazines or based off of exercise DVDs. (I tired of the trainer, but not the moves.) I cycle through these every 6 weeks. There are only so many weight training moves, so most of the workouts just use different "props" (medicine ball, body weight, resistance bands, etc.) but that helps stave off boredom. And I am ever mindful of adding more weight or more reps so that I continue to challenge myself and build muscle and endurance.

For the cardio, I have now collected 4 Beachbody fitness programs.

While I did buy the TurboFire DVD set and the Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2 DVD, the rest came from friends who were inspired by the infomercials, ordered the set, but then never used it because they felt it was too difficult or that they didn't have enough space in their house.

So when it's a cardio day, I pick one of the DVDs from my arsenal. I've been cycling through the Turbo Jam, TurboFire, and Insanity sets, since P90X has a limited amount of cardio. (And Tony Horton drives me insane.)

No, I'm not doing the exercise programs as "prescribed," but I'm not looking for a program for 60-90 days, I'm looking for a program for life. This keeps the routines varied, keeps me from getting bored, and keeps me moving!

If you have multiple Beachbody DVD sets and want to follow a more structured approach, there are various hybrid programs, e.g. the P90X/Insanity Hybrid that you can find for free here.
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