Sunday, December 18, 2011

Warm Up With Quinoa

As much as I love my morning smoothies, they tend to make me cold when I drink them. That, combined with a super sweaty body works great in the fall/spring and summer, but not so great in the cold of winter. But with fruit so scarce this time of year, I still wanted to use my frozen berries, so I created

Quinoa Fruit Cereal

1/2 cup cooked quinoa
140g frozen berries/fruit

I measure/weigh the quinoa and berries out in to storage bowls beforehand and stack them in the fridge. When it's time to eat, I transfer one of the bowls to a microwave safe bowl and zap it for 2 minutes. Then I add a little soy milk and a lot of cinnamon. It sort of tastes like a fruit cobbler. SORT OF! I like to eat this with a side of plain Greek yogurt, green tea, and my fish oil.

I get my fiber (fruit + quinoa), I get a filling portion of protein (yogurt + quinoa), and I get antioxidants, minerals and such (fruit + cinnamon + quinoa) AND I don't start the day off freezing to death.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Start The Insanity

As you know, I don't do exercise "programs" as prescribed by the creators. I believe that pushing yourself to extremes for 30, 60, or 90 days is a recipe for burnout, frustration and injury. I prefer to take the routines included in the program and fit them into my ongoing program. Let's call it Fit365.

But because these exercise programs are so frustrating to people, friends have been kind enough to gift them to me. One of these programs is INSANITY.

Mostly a cardio program, INSANITY is essentially a series of sports drills. It's easy to follow along, there are no complicated moves like in TurboFire, and since you basically do the drills over and over, just at a faster pace, you don't have to think too much. (Which some days, is just what I'm looking for.)

INSANITY is a HIGH IMPACT program. Unlike most programs, there is no one doing a low impact version of the exercises. So I just make up my own modifications (like I do if I am taking a class) and yes, I still get very sweaty. In general, the program reminds me of my high school sports training which, interestingly enough is how I got my ouchy knees. I am always conscious of getting a good workout while not going too far.

Shaun T. talks a lot, but because he is breathing hard and panting so much, some how it comes off as adorable. (He pants so much, that Beachbody has added a subtitle option to the DVD menu.)

At around 15 minutes all the guys start taking their shirts off. This is good for motivation but bad if you find yourself stopping what you are doing to stare at their ripped bodies. The ladies start off scantily clad, there generally is nothing left for them to shed and still make it a family friendly DVD.

All in all, it's a nice basic program. And a nice complement to P90X (which is mostly strength training). I'm very grateful to the friend that gave me her discarded copy. And I plan on using it a lot. I would have never shelled out $150 for it, so I'm happy I was able to get it another way.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Don't Masque Your Man

I was reading Redbook magazine the other day when I saw an ad for a product called Masque that made me do a double take. Masque is a "orally dissolvable, flavored gel strip...that conceals any unpleasant flavors associated with your man and his subsequent climax."

What the heck? A gel strip to mask the taste of semen?

I'm used to the marketing ploy that women should be given favors for sex ("Expect flowers tomorrow."- Masque) and the misguided notion that a women's vulva/vagina should look and smell like fruit (Exotic Kiwi!) flowers (White blossom!) and rainbows (Sporty Fresh!).
(These are actual scents from Summer's Eve, and FDS.)

BUT, never in my brief 36 years have I ever heard, read, or seen anything in the mainstream media that would ever suggest that anything regarding the taste, smell or look of a naturally occurring male sexual function needed to be fixed. I am dumbfounded.

I'm not saying I disagree with the notion that semen can taste "bad", I'm just saddened that a company is turning it into a full fledged issue. And cashing in on it at $4 a sucralose filled strip. Each strip only lasts 15 minutes, so no pressure boys, but you'd better get to it quickly!

Getting complaints that your semen tastes bad? Is your partner reluctant to even give it a try? Here's a tip: Stop asking about it every 5 minutes, take a shower before bed, stop smoking, and stop eating crappy food. Yes, that's right! The same thing that helps with fitness, heart health, mood, cravings, depression, pretty much anything, helps with less than lovely tasting semen.

And if your partner still isn't interested, know that for various reasons some people just don't like it. There is nothing wrong with you and there is nothing wrong with your partner. Each person has their own sexual preferences and those needs to be honored.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bring It With You

I have been looking for a personal cooler for a while. My old lunch one is way too small for the amount of food I like to have on hand, and our big one is way too big. I've been making do by filling an old brown paper gift bag (ironically labeled "Martin"). I fill it with plastic containers of chopped veggies and other snacks for when we go to play board games at Guardian Games, to work related game nights, or to the mall (which is a handy place to play board games in the heat of the summer).

But I finally found a keeper: The Thermos Raya 9 can cooler.

(The dots are correct, the color is not.)

It was tested throughout Thanksgiving and came through with flying colors. I am currently eating around 1,100 calories a day in order to lose weight. It can be hard not to eat when those around you are, so I munched on celery, carrots, and radishes while my family gorged on Brie and crackers. I love the happy dots and I love that I have control over what I am eating in any situation that comes my way.

FYI: There are also coolers that stay cool by plugging in to the cigarette lighter in your car. If I drove a lot for business or pleasure, I would get one in a heartbeat.