Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bring It With You

I have been looking for a personal cooler for a while. My old lunch one is way too small for the amount of food I like to have on hand, and our big one is way too big. I've been making do by filling an old brown paper gift bag (ironically labeled "Martin"). I fill it with plastic containers of chopped veggies and other snacks for when we go to play board games at Guardian Games, to work related game nights, or to the mall (which is a handy place to play board games in the heat of the summer).

But I finally found a keeper: The Thermos Raya 9 can cooler.

(The dots are correct, the color is not.)

It was tested throughout Thanksgiving and came through with flying colors. I am currently eating around 1,100 calories a day in order to lose weight. It can be hard not to eat when those around you are, so I munched on celery, carrots, and radishes while my family gorged on Brie and crackers. I love the happy dots and I love that I have control over what I am eating in any situation that comes my way.

FYI: There are also coolers that stay cool by plugging in to the cigarette lighter in your car. If I drove a lot for business or pleasure, I would get one in a heartbeat.
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