Friday, February 24, 2012

Move It In Vancouver

Even though Vancouver, WA, the town where I live, is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes it's not exactly know for being the mecca of fitness. Most of those accolades go to Portland, OR a mere 15 minute drive away. So I'm always excited when I see a new and interesting fitness related business open in Vancouver. Here are three that I recently discovered and am looking forward to trying out.

1. G6 Airpark

"G6 Airpark is an indoor trampoline park in Vancouver, WA with wall-to-wall trampolines, an open jump arena, a dodge ball court, a basketball dunk station, a gymnastics 'trick' zone, and a separate jump area for children under 8."

I have fond memories of trampolines. One summer, K., a popular girl at school befriended me and we spent every afternoon bouncing around on the Olympic size trampoline in her back yard. Plus, there were boys. ;)

I'm thinking that a bounce on the trampoline will be the perfect foil for an exhausting day of job searching.

2. TRX Training at Inferno Fitness and Sports

If I were to start traveling for business, or we moved to a house with sturdier door frames, I would buy the TRX. I would want to take some classes first for inspiration.

3. The Source Climbing Center

A sick looking indoor rock climbing gym in downtown Vancouver, WA. Need I say more?

So get out there and move Vancouver!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Water Two Birds With One Stone

Two of the many stars that must align in order for weight loss (and general good health & happiness) to occur are

1. Ample water ingestion (drinking at least 64 oz)
2. Increasing day to day movement (getting up every few hours from your chair and walking around)

Well, over the past week I have been diligently drinking at least 68 oz* of water each day (before 5pm, so that I can limit my nocturnal pee breaks to just one). A funny thing happens when you drink that much water... you have to get up and pee every two hours! So there you go, two birds with one stone!

* Rather than counting glasses I've consumed, I just fill up a 2 liter bottle with water and some highly diluted flavoring (Crystal Light, Pomegranate juice, etc.) and work on emptying that baby by 5 pm. (I drink other, unflavored water during my workouts.) Once it's empty, I refill it for the next day.

The last time I tried to drink more water, I did see a significant movement in weight, but I made the process too complicated and quickly stopped.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stick It, Stupid

Our washing machine spins at a surprisingly fast rate. We often expect it to either take off in the air or "walk" right out the door. Because I keep a folded towel on top of it (to keep it from getting scratched) I have to pick that towel up off of the floor every time I do a load of laundry, which is really annoying. We've had the washer for about 7 years, I do about 3 loads of laundry a week, so that means, I've picked that towel up roughly 1092 times.

I've tried putting things on top of the towel, to keep it from falling off, but then I can't use the top of the washer, and that item just lands on the floor too. I was scheming up a plan to attach magnets to the towel, when I realized I never tried the easiest solution: tape. I always assumed it wouldn't work. So I took my handy blue painter's tape, formed it in a loop, and stuck the underside of the towel to the top of the washer.

It hasn't moved since.

Moral of the story: blue painter's tape is MAGIC! (Plus that thing they always say about assuming.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Have A Blast

WARNING: I am going to talk about firearms. If you don't like firearms, feel free to look at these pictures instead.

Although I originally earned my NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate with a higher caliber gun (.40/.45) I have spent most of my time with .22s and have become used to the ping! sound of the shot, the small amount of kick from the firearm when the explosion happens inside, and the general zen like feeling I get after shooting a few magazines (10 bullets=magazine).

But when we went to the range on Sunday, my husband decided to rent a Glock 19 9mm(this is higher caliber than a .22). When it was my turn, I checked my eyes and ears (safety glasses, hearing protection) got into the stance I had learned, aimed and fired off the gun. The explosion was so much bigger than I was used to, that I literally went, "Whhhhhhhhhhooooo!" after shooting it. Which of course made all the guys to the left of me laugh their heads off. I had to put the gun down for a bit to catch my breath and then shot another round. Every time I shot it, it felt like the explosion inside the gun was traveling down through my hands to my feet, then back up from my feet all the way to my head. And frankly, I felt a little scared. After about 4 shots, I had to step back and just stop because I was so overwhelmed with adrenaline.

After about 10 minutes of stepping away and catching my breath, this little voice inside me said, "Again! Again!" So I went back up to line and shot one more time. This time, I felt the explosion travel down through my hands to my feet, then back up again, but this time I started laughing. I had to put the gun down because I was laughing so much. It was like a shot of morphine to the blood stream. Pure pleasure.

Apparently, not everyone feels the same way I do when shooting, the range safety officer looked at me like I was crazy, when I tried to explain the feelings I got. My husband can't relate either, so I will just have to enjoy my endorphin high all by myself.

Monday morning the first thing I thought of when I woke up was that Glock 19.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Be A Human Pincushion

Here's a basic day in my life as a Type 1 diabetic*.


6:30 am
, Wake up, check blood sugar (prick arm/finger with lancet)
Evaluate blood sugar: Too high? Guess at the reason why. Too low? Guess at the reason why. If over 270, or below 80, I must delay normal exercise routine until I get it lower/higher.

7:15 am, If blood sugar was O.K., determine whether or not I will be doing anaerobic or aerobic exercise. If doing anaerobic, must take 1 unit of insulin via pump before exercising. Disconnect from pump.

8:15 am Must re-connect pump within an hour of taking it off, or blood sugar levels will rise.
8:20 am Re-check blood sugar
8:30 am Disconnect pump for shower, reconnect ASAP
8:45 am Determine carbohydrates in breakfast (using measuring cups, scales, guide books or nutrition info on package), take appropriate amount of insulin via pump

12:00 pm
Check blood sugar. Evaluate number, take more insulin if needed.
12:10 pm Determine carbohydrates in lunch (using measuring cups, scales, guide books or nutrition info on package), take appropriate amount of insulin via pump

4:45 pm Check blood sugar. Evaluate number, take more insulin if needed.
5:00 pm Determine carbohydrates in lunch (using measuring cups, scales, guide books or nutrition info on package), take appropriate amount of insulin via pump

7:30 pm Determine carbohydrates in evening snack (using measuring cups, scales, guide books or nutrition info on package), take appropriate amount of insulin via pump

9:00 pm- 6:30 pm
If I wake up to use bathroom, force myself to take blood sugar and adjust as needed.

But I hardly ever have a basic day, because I must factor in many variables:
New/more intense exercise can cause a low blood sugar
Illness may cause higher blood sugars
Miscalculations of carbohydrates can cause high blood sugars
Stress can cause high blood sugars
The week before my period often causes high blood sugars
The day of my period can cause low blood sugars
Over treating a low blood sugar can cause a high blood sugar
Missing an insulin dose can cause a high blood sugar
Taking too much insulin can cause a low blood sugar
My insulin pump site must be changed out every three days or it will heal over
I must take back up insulin, batteries, and food with me if I leave the house
I have to change the battery on my pump every month
I have to change the batteries in my blood sugar meter every 3 months
If I have bubbles in my tubing, I may have a high blood sugar
If I leave my pump in the bathroom while I take a shower the insulin in the tubing will go bad

And on, and on, and on ...

So with a incurable disease often described as a roller coaster, I do my best to find some balance.

I know I make being diabetic look fun & awesome, but I really don't recommend it. Avoid it at all costs, or at the very least, take mine.

*Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are similar but arrived at by differently. In addition, Type 1 has no cure, while Type 2 may be reversed with weight loss and diet changes.