Friday, February 24, 2012

Move It In Vancouver

Even though Vancouver, WA, the town where I live, is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and lakes it's not exactly know for being the mecca of fitness. Most of those accolades go to Portland, OR a mere 15 minute drive away. So I'm always excited when I see a new and interesting fitness related business open in Vancouver. Here are three that I recently discovered and am looking forward to trying out.

1. G6 Airpark

"G6 Airpark is an indoor trampoline park in Vancouver, WA with wall-to-wall trampolines, an open jump arena, a dodge ball court, a basketball dunk station, a gymnastics 'trick' zone, and a separate jump area for children under 8."

I have fond memories of trampolines. One summer, K., a popular girl at school befriended me and we spent every afternoon bouncing around on the Olympic size trampoline in her back yard. Plus, there were boys. ;)

I'm thinking that a bounce on the trampoline will be the perfect foil for an exhausting day of job searching.

2. TRX Training at Inferno Fitness and Sports

If I were to start traveling for business, or we moved to a house with sturdier door frames, I would buy the TRX. I would want to take some classes first for inspiration.

3. The Source Climbing Center

A sick looking indoor rock climbing gym in downtown Vancouver, WA. Need I say more?

So get out there and move Vancouver!
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