Sunday, February 19, 2012

Water Two Birds With One Stone

Two of the many stars that must align in order for weight loss (and general good health & happiness) to occur are

1. Ample water ingestion (drinking at least 64 oz)
2. Increasing day to day movement (getting up every few hours from your chair and walking around)

Well, over the past week I have been diligently drinking at least 68 oz* of water each day (before 5pm, so that I can limit my nocturnal pee breaks to just one). A funny thing happens when you drink that much water... you have to get up and pee every two hours! So there you go, two birds with one stone!

* Rather than counting glasses I've consumed, I just fill up a 2 liter bottle with water and some highly diluted flavoring (Crystal Light, Pomegranate juice, etc.) and work on emptying that baby by 5 pm. (I drink other, unflavored water during my workouts.) Once it's empty, I refill it for the next day.

The last time I tried to drink more water, I did see a significant movement in weight, but I made the process too complicated and quickly stopped.
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