Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Find Your Power

As I was doing my workout this morning (TurboFire) I thought to myself, "I feel so powerful!" And it's true. I feel powerful when I workout. My muscles, lungs, and heart are pumping and I'm doing good things for my body now and for the future. When I do weight training, I'm strengthening my weak spots and increasing overall power. I'm building myself up for when I need to perform. And I'm teaching myself that perseverance through challenges (increasing the weights I'm lifting) makes me more powerful.

When I think about guns, I feel powerful. Not because they are a potentially lethal weapon (I drive one of those every day) but because to me, they represent a fear that I not only overcame but actually turned in to a skill.(The fact that this skill floods me with endorphins when I use it is just icing on the cake.)

Life is full of surprises and challenges, and knowing that we are strong & powerful, both mentally and physically is what will get us through.

So, where do you find your source of power? Are you tapping in to it everyday?
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