Thursday, March 29, 2012

Go On And Play

At the recent ribbon cutting ceremony for a local silk screening equipment supplier, Ryonet, I came across some business books in their lending library that I've never read: The Red Rubber Ball series by Kevin Caroll.

The event was a lot of fun, as you can see below in the video they took:

After the event, I was able to request The Red Rubber Ball at Work from the library, and I just got a copy yesterday. And I'm glad I did. It is chock full of inspiring stories of how people use games and play to elevate their lives both in and outside of work.

My favorite quote is from George Bodenheimer, President of ESPN:

"A lot of stuff happens in life and in business. You have to deal with adversity. I believe in turning things into positives."

Along with the stories, each chapter has a list of resources: books, articles, web-sites and movies that support the notion of play. For a resource junkie like me, I am now giddy with excitement to explore all the things Caroll listed.

Seeing the red rubber ball on the cover of the book reminded me that we actually have one here at home (I call it a kickball) and I was inspired to add it to my life. While it can certainly make you smile (OK, me) just by seeing it, I decided I would add it to my workout. Placed between my knees while doing double crunches, it forces me to use my muscles even more. And when the weather gets nicer, I can make up all sorts of drills with it:

1) bounce it against the house
2) do 10 jumping jacks
3) bounce it against the house
4) jump rope for 30 seconds, etc.

Cultivate playfulness by engaging in play and surrounding yourself with fun, positive, people. The benefits are numerous.
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