Saturday, March 10, 2012

Turn Off TV Land

I am always on the lookout for funny, light comedies. But it seems to be harder and harder to find them these days. Especially since I have certain standards: women positive, not homophobic. I was watching two on TV Land that I have now since abandoned for violating these standards.

Hot In Cleveland
The premise of the show, that the ladies move to Cleveland, OH because the men have a more reasonable standard of beauty there than in Los Angeles, CA, always gave me pause. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt, because I like the actresses so much. Well that ended the other day when I saw episode #310, Life With Lucci, I was horrified, and I finally decided to pull the plug for good.

Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) is asked to speak at a conference in Bermuda, and thus has bought some bathing suits. She and the other ladies lament how mean and judgemental other women are when it comes to looks, and then Melanie says she wants to make all the other women there hate her because she looks so good. What? Really?? You are going to complain about how mean other women can be (sadly, quite true) and then contribute to it! No way, I'm not watching this anymore. I don't want that attitude anywhere around me.

The Exes
I only watched a few episodes of this one before I ditched it too. It was episode #108, A Very Wrong Engagement, that put the nail in the coffin. Two of the male stars are forced to sleep in the same bed because of space issues. Tired, played out, homophobic jokes are made to show how uncomfortable the men are. It wasn't funny when Friends did it, it still isn't. And frankly, let's be more creative, shall we?

So I've add Hot In Cleveland and The Exes to the pile of TV shows that I will not watch.
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