Monday, April 2, 2012

Give It What It Wants

I have noticed that after I am done eating, my body wants to keep chewing. I have eaten as slowly as possible, and have eaten appropriate portions, but my mouth wants to keep chewing. I'm often not even hungry anymore, but I still want to chew on something. I've tried drinking more water, which helps with fullness, but does nothing to satiate my desire to chew.

Until now ...

Orbit White bubblemint sugarfree gum.

I usually pick a traditional mint flavored gum, but this has a burst of sweetness that I really like. The feeling of "cracking" the gum open, along with the sweetness, and then the act of chewing something satisfies me every time. I've even been know to chew some before going to bed.

This one tweak has saved me on many occasions and I'm glad that I (impulse) purchased it!
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