Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Improve your P90X

When my dear friend gave me her P90X workout set I was so excited. The program looked great, and it was very organized. But then I had to listen to Tony Horton give instructions and it drove me insane. When I am lifting weights I want to focus on what I am doing, not listen to the babbling instructor who is making fun of the other exercisers and doing impressions.

So I tried the "CUE ONLY" feature which helps a lot. You see his lips moving but you don't hear him unless he is about to tell you what to do. But the problem was, I had already memorized his babble, so I could still hear it in my head.

But I think I have solved the problem and am adding some P90X back into my workout regimen.

So far, these things have been key:

1. It has been so long since I've last done it, I have forgotten what he is babbling about.

2. I use the "CUE and SILENCE" feature and play my own music instead.

3. I follow along with the exercise sheets and will stop playing the actual DVD once I have memorized the moves.

4. I only do P90X 3 days a week (strength training) to cut down my exposure to Tony's babble.

5. I am already used to doing an hour of weights, which is how long the DVD program is.

I started this plan on Monday and only told him to shut up once, so that is great progress. And it helps to know I only need to listen to him for a few weeks until I memorize the exercises. Plus, my back and chest were burning up that night, so I also got a good workout.

Wish me luck (again)!

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