Friday, July 6, 2012

Keep That Heart Rate Up

When doing aerobics, achieving a certain heart rate is key. But what if you can't do high impact aerobics because it hurts your knees, back or joints?

Well, there are four other ways to increase heart rate while still being low impact.

1. Increasing speed

2. Adding weight

3. Adding an incline

4. Adding a decline

For example, start off with a basic exercise: marching in place. After a few weeks/days of this exercise, your body will adapt and you will find it harder to get the heart rate you are after. So you must make the exercise harder.

You can:

1. March faster (Increase speed)

2. Hold dumbbells or other weights in your hands while marching (Adding weight)

3. Walk up stairs or step on to a bench (Adding an incline)

4. Turn your marches into front lunges (Adding a decline)

 Heart rate monitors are key for figuring out which movements keep your heart rate up, so wear one every time!

Eventually, you will begin to combine the moves: marching faster while holding the weights, holding the weights while stepping onto a bench, or holding weights while doing front lunges. When you have gone through all the combinations you can do the final one: step up with knee raise and curl.

So don't be frustrated when your low impact cardio doesn't get your heart rate up, just change it up by 1) increasing speed 2) adding weight 3) adding an incline or 4) adding a decline.

Trust me, your knees and heart will thank you.
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