Friday, August 17, 2012

Step Up

My mother is having Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery on Monday. It's been about 3 months since the MRI was read and in that time we have gone doctor shopping, walker and raised toilet seat shopping, and to a 2 1/2 hour pre-op class at the hospital. I also introduced her to the wonders of narcotics (doctor approved of course).

My Aunt has come in from Georgia to help out, my brother has signed up for shifts for the hospital and meal drop offs, and my father has acquired one of the most valuable items so far: a free parking space in downtown Portland for the next 5 weeks.

I have created a schedule, assigned meal drop offs, alerted friends and family, and helped set up her guest room so it is walker friendly. And because I am not working and do not have any children, I plan on staying over as much and as long as she needs me. My mother, her friends, and some of my family members keep saying how wonderful it is that I am doing so much. But with my availability, and the memories of my own pre-operation terror and post-operation exhaustion still fresh in my mind, I can only answer, "How could I not?" Healing is a huge emotional and physical drain.

If I can take away even just 5% percent of her other worries, I consider it time well spent.

Please do me a favor and send some positive thoughts her way. Thank you.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Improve On Your Improved P90X

About two weeks ago, I started up with P90X again. During the workout I felt great, and I felt a little sore but great the next day. But the day after that my back seized up and I couldn't get out of bed for a while (like a turtle stuck on it's back).

My first thought when it comes to my back is always, "Did I break another disc?" Since I have no idea how I did it the first time (2009) I don't know what not to do to keep it from happening again. But both my legs worked just fine, so I calmed down and worked on loosening up my back.

So it turns out either:
A) being able to do an hour of full body strength training is not the same as being able to do an hour of strength training on just your chest and back.


B) That popping sensation I felt in my back when I attempted some of the exercises in the Ab Ripper DVD is not a good thing. (Remember that in addition to breaking my L5 disc, I have a bonus 6th vertebra so things are wacky in my backy.)

I've only been able to do light aerobics for the past two weeks but my back is much better. So tomorrow, I begin again. But this time I will only do 1/2 the DVD and will add more time as the weeks progress. And I'm never doing the Ab Ripper DVD again.

Update: I successfully did 30 minutes of the P90X Chest and Back DVD on Monday and woke up in only medium soreness on Wednesday. After about an hour of stretching I was also able do 30 minutes of the P90X Shoulders and Biceps DVD. Go me!