Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Find Your Way Back To Normal

On Sunday, I finally got the rush of energy that had been eluding me ever since my Mom's Total Hip Replacement surgery. It took 20 days to feel normal again. The only problem was, it was midnight. I tossed and turned and eventually moved to the guest room so my husband could have a chance at getting a good night's sleep.

Other signs I am feeling back to normal:

* Worked out for 15-60 minutes for the last 3 mornings
* Scheduled a massage
* Emailed/called friends
* Looked at job postings

and most importantly ...

With all the fetching I did for my Mom, my normal activity burn went up so much that I was having two low blood sugars a day (this happens on European vacations too). This got me thinking: I sit way too much. And so now that I am home full time again, I am trying to move around more. Sometimes I sit on the exercise ball when in front of the computer, or take frequent walking breaks and I've decided to add swimming lessons and other activities to my evenings. Activity generally makes me a happy person, so I can only imagine that more of it will make me even happier.

Note: At 3 weeks post-op my Mom is doing great. She can walk around the house unassisted most of the morning-afternoon and only uses the walker when tired. We have ventured outside most days and have even found a safe way to walk to one of her favorite restaurants.
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