Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Go For A Spin

A year ago, on a complete whim (and thanks in part I suppose to the marketing department at Church & Dwight Co.) I bought a Arm & Hammer Spinbrush. Ok, not a complete whim, I had been considering buying a Sonicare brush, the pricier older cousin (about $100 vs $10) to the Spinbrush when I realized it might be nice to test out a similar technology before I shelled out so much cash.

My initial reaction was not a positive one as all the vibrations gave me a headache, but my teeth did feel cleaner so I soldered on. After about 4 uses, I got used to it and had no more headaches. And most surprisingly, I noticed that it actually made my teeth whiter.

At my last 2 dental check ups the hygienist has remarked that my teeth have less tartar build up. Which means (much to my delight) the visits are shorter than usual. The hygienist did mention that the Sonicare brush would do an even better job, but for now I'm sticking with the Spinbrush.

NOTE: I you'd like to try one out, feel free to use this coupon I just found.
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