Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Come For The Men, Stay For The Meals

About a year ago, I switched my Women's Health Magazine subscription to a Men's Health subscription. (Technically I had to cancel one and start another, it was not an easy switcheroo.) I did this because both magazines have the same health news, but I much prefer the workouts in Men's Health. I also like the profiles of the cover models. Ok, ok, and some of the photos aren't too bad either. But one of my favorite things about Men's Health Magazine is the recipes.

They know that men are not going to bother with a 23 ingredient recipe, that they enjoy their protein, and that they want it ready fast. These are all things I appreciate too.

Here are my two new favorite Men's Health Magazine recipes:

Shrimp and Black Bean Enchiladas

Chicken and White Bean Chili (Sorry, the recipe doesn't seem to be available yet online.)

For more quick and yummy recipes check out the Short Order Cook part of the Men's Health website.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Take A Look Back

2 years ago in November I was working at a crazy company with some fabulous people.

3 years ago in November I was healing from emergency back surgery.

5 years ago in November, I started blogging.

I have now posted here 447 times. Technically, I posted 8 times on the first day (I got a little over excited) but here is the first: Use Old Envelopes For Grocery Lists.

Thanks for coming along on my journey (no matter when you joined me).

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Find Calorie Free Candy

A friend of mine is going though a break up. Having been married now for 12 years, and since I'm an old, old, lady, break ups are a distant memory for me. The only sage advice I had for her was to take good care of herself.

Oh, and to find as much eye candy as possible. Our eyes have muscles, and they need to be worked just like every other muscle. (Tee hee)

It enrages me when TV shows and movies show women consoling themselves with ice cream or wine after a break up. This is not a healthy way (or particularly effective) way to recover. One needs stress relieving activities that make you laugh, smile or transport you to a happier place for a little while. Thus the eye candy suggestion. (Other suggestions: working out, getting out of the house, joining clubs and groups.)

Back when I was dating, we had silly cards with hunky men on them that we could send to each other after a break up. But these days we have THE INTERNET!

In addition to looking around at the eye candy near her (Hello: College boys!) I thought I'd send her my favorite clips and photos of men worthy of her attention. (Note: My friend K.Y. sends me photos of Ryan Lochte, so it's only fair that I pass the love along.)

But I can only think of so many hot guys. Then I realized that this lovely Internet of ours would probably have oodles of "Hottest Guys" lists.

And they do ...

So thanks to

Men's Health





for the inspiration. I'll just have to search through all those lists, looking for hot men. It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Prepare For The Worst

I have been trying to put together an Emergency Preparedness kit for years. I research what the Red Cross and others suggest we have on hand, and start to collect the items but I never seemed to finish.

I tried to cheap out once and just refill plastic juice bottles with water. When I finally got back to working on the kit, the bottles had burst, flooding the plastic container with water and ruining the candles, flashlights and such I had collected. It had been so long since I last opened the container that the water was actually moldy.

After cleaning up that smelly mess, I sat down and thought long and hard about what was stopping me from completing this necessary task. And I finally realized that it felt wasteful to buy duplicates of things we already own. So I decided on a different plan. Rather than buying all the items the Red Cross suggests, I would instead create a document cataloguing the items and where they were in the house, so that in case of emergency we can just grab them. This epiphany opened a flurry of activity and I even figured out (and noted) how to 1) Turn off the water to the house and 2) Turn off the gas line to the house. I also made emergency kits for each car.

Here's an example of what it looks like:

Items (description, number, location):
  1. Blankets
    1. Red fleece blankets, 2, living room
    2. Down comforters, 2, our bedroom
    3. Blue down comforter, Lia's office
    4. White cotton blankets, 2, front bedroom
    5. Green blanket, extended emergency kit
    6. Waffle comforter, Martin's office
    7. Brown comforter, front bedroom
  2. Bleach, under sink in laundry room
  3. Bucket, 2; under sink in laundry room; part of house emergency kit
  4. Car Emergency Kits, 2; trunk of each car
  5. Charcoal for grill, 1 bag, in garage near side door
  6. Cooler for insulin, 2, in pantry
  7. Duct Tape, plastic drawers in garage
  8. Dust masks, house emergency kit

 Each car emergency kit is checked by me after each oil change (2x a year) or before a long trip, and the household emergency kit is checked 2x a year.
Visit Red Cross.org and/or Ready.gov and start preparing your own kit. You can assemble it yourself (like I did) or buy a prepared kit.
I only ended up having to buy a few things, and having all this in place has made me feel so much more prepared for whatever mother nature has in store for us. Be prepared! Be safe!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Go Pro (biotics)

I am starting a second round of antibiotics to try and destroy the sinus infection that seems to think it can live in my head. This means all the "bugs" both good and bad inside my body have little targets on them. Phew! Phew! Phew! and the antibiotics shoot them dead.

But with no good "bugs" things can go helter skelter, resulting in my least favorite medical condition: a yeast infection. So far, with my twice daily ingestion of bacteria rich yogurt and the occasional bratwurst with sauerkraut, I seem to be winning that battle. But a girl can only eat so much yogurt before she wants to just chuck it against the wall.

So, with 2 more weeks of antibiotics ahead of me, I am adding another pro biotic to my diet: Kombucha. Kombucha is essentially fermented tea. It is a favorite of both my mother in law and hipsters everywhere. Although you technically can home brew it, that just isn't going to happen in my house. So I went on a exodus for bottled Kombucha. Much to my shock, Trader Joe's didn't have it, but my local grocery store, Fred Meyer did.

I ended up with GT's Synergy Kombucha (a combination of Kombucha, juice, and 100% pure love). The juice is added to enhance the flavor.

I was a little nervous at first but quickly grew to like the bubbly, tea-like flavor. My current favorite is their Cosmic Cranberry. I'm glad I've found another weapon to use in my fight against yeast infections. Hurrah!