Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Jump The Gun

History has shown that gun sales go up after reports of public shootings. The one yesterday in a Oregon suburb about 45 minutes from where I live has surely scared many in my community. And so I beg those who are considering the purchase of a firearm (because they are scared) to pause for a moment.

Owning a firearm does not guarantee your safety. In fact, buying a firearm out of fear and just throwing it in a drawer is a truly dangerous thing. Using a firearm safely and accurately is a skill, and like most skills, needs to be practiced on a regular basis.

Rather than jumping to a purchase of a gun, please consider taking a course first. One of the primary objectives of the NRA is education and safety, and they have great courses. (The Basic Pistol class is a great one to start with.) They also have resources for parents to teach gun safety to their children.

With a reported 47% of American households with guns already in them, I will also mention that it is never to late to take a course and educate yourself about the proper handling and use of a firearm. Better late than never.

And remember: Education trumps fear every time.

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