Monday, December 3, 2012

Fill My Town With Love

On December 6, 2012, thanks to the voters of Washington State, gay marriage will be legal. (It's about damn time.) Washington is currently the only state on the West Coast where gay marriage is legal.

To me, it's not just about rights and justice, it's about celebrating love. What could be better than celebrating love? I don't know what/if the city is doing anything to help out-of-state gay couples but I've taken it upon myself to become an ambassador. I want you to fill my town with love.

The town I live in, Vancouver, Washington is the southern most town in Washington, thus the first one you encounter when you are traveling from California, Oregon or other states. By the way, it also was recently named "The sixth most gay friendly city in America" by The Advocate.

At first I considered pushing a shopping cart full of rainbow flags around downtown Vancouver, handing them out, putting them in flower beds, etc. But I thought creating a list of wedding resources in Downtown Vancouver might actually be more helpful. (And a little less silly.)

RESOURCES: (All located in Downtown Vancouver and are within walking distance. There are many other retail establishments in greater Vancouver, but I am just hi-lighting the immediate vicinity.)

How To Get A Marriage License In Vancouver, WA (Spoiler: 3 day waiting period, no blood tests required, you can start applying online for a license on December 6, 2012.)

 Getting Here:
* Car: Take the City Center #1C exit off of I-5 North
* Private plane: Pearson Airport
* Train: Amtrak
* Bus: C-Tran, Washington & Evergreen stop

* Swanky: Vancouver Hilton
* Waterfront: Red Lion At The Quay

* Hip: Mieko's Marketplace Flowers
* Traditional: Luepke Florist

* Treat

* Both hotels listed above have nice restaurants (and great Sunday brunches)
* Tiger's Garden (Our favorite Thai restaurant.)
* Tommy O's Pacific Rim Grill

Banquet Halls:
* Both hotels have spaces for wedding receptions.
* You can also rent space in our swanky new library.

* Java House
* Starbucks
* Torque Coffee Roasters 

For other helpful resources please check out GayVancouverWA.

Congratulations and best wishes!

Note: I receive no compensation for my recommendations. I am just trying to make a helpful list of resources I have seen and sometimes use. If I missed anything, please let me know.

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