Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tweak Your Workout

Why Lia, I can see what you are doing each week for fitness (you've thoughtfully listed it in the sidebar of your blog) but can you break down the actual routines for me?

Why sure!
1. Swimming (or swimmaling, as my husband calls it)
3x a week, about 45 minutes each time
This routine comes from Janet Evans' Total Swimming book, but I have added the items in bold because I am a sick and twisted person. No, actually, I really like the rush I get from going really fast, so I bookended some fun in between the boring stuff.

Note: One pool length is 25 yards, so doing a 50 is doing two lengths of the pool without stopping, a 75 is 3, and a 100 is 4.
Total length: 750 yards (almost 1/2 mile)
2x50 freestyle with 15 seconds rest
2x25 DK freestyle w/fins (I push off from the wall, streamline underwater and do dolphin kicks (DK) to see how far I can go before needing air.)

(3 minute rest)

2x75 with 20 seconds rest
-Freestyle One Arm Drill (R)
-Freestyle One Arm Drill (L)
-Freestyle normal

(3 minute rest)

1x25 with 20 seconds rest
1x50 " "
1x75 " "
1x100 " "

2x50 S&M w/fins (sadomasochism swim: do a slow 25, then a 25 as fast as humanly possible.)

4x25 freestyle with 20 seconds rest

Update: I drove me crazy that I was only 50 yards away from a 1/2 mile, so I added them to the workout by adding another 1x50 S/M w/fins. So now I swim 800 yards.
2. Weight Training 
2x a week, 60 minutes

I am currently doing exercises from the Personal Training With Jackie: Xtreme Timesaver Training DVD. I love the routine, but am not too thrilled with Jackie, so I put the exercises into a spreadsheet, watched the video a few times, and now do it on my own. Each week I switch between heavy weights and low reps, or light weights and high reps.

In a few more weeks I will move on to the next routine in Janet Evans' book (adding my tweaks as necessary) and to the Men's Health Spartacus Workout (Jan 2013 issue).
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