Monday, March 11, 2013

Change Is Good

It's time to switch my swimming workout. The total length is the same, but the drills focus on new things and each set is longer. I'm glad to be making a change, it's nice to have new challenges.

I print four sets of each routine on a page, print it out and then cut it in four. I take one to the pool with me and "glue" it against the pool wall with water. When I am done, I squish it into a ball and triumphantly throw it away.

Here is my routine:

800 yds (1/2 mile)

2x75 freestyle
2x25 DK w/fins

6x25 freestyle
#1 Hip Shoulder Forehead Drill
#2 Freestyle
#3 Freestyle Fist Drill
#4 Freestyle
#5 Freestyle 3-3-3 Drill
#6 Freestyle

(Faster each time)

3x50 S&M w/fins


Like last time, this routine is based on one from Janet Evans' book, with the items in bold added by me. I will do this routine 16 times, then move on to the next one.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I take a 3 minute break between the Warm Up, Drill Set, Main Set and Cool down. Sorry I didn't note that in the list.
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