Friday, March 15, 2013

Grow Some Neurons

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. While fitness stuff is going well, the job search continues to drag on. But I have some new ideas so stay tuned. After talking about this with a new friend, I had the idea to start looking at online courses and seminars instead of watching stupid television shows. (Good-bye, The Mindy Project and New Girl.)

So, as of a week or so ago I am watching about 5 TED talks a week (focused on business, psychology and human nature) and 3 lectures a week from Stanford University's eCorner series. The TED talks are only about 15 minutes long and the eCorner talks range from 45-60 minutes.

All the talks are free, and I have learned at least one interesting thing from each. (And a lot about how to give a good presentation.) So far, my favorite eCorner talk is by Adam Lowry of Method and my favorite TED talk is Temple Grandin's The World Needs All Kinds Of Minds.

You can stream them for free from their respective websites, TED and eCorner but I have found that their channels on YouTube work better. Try Stanford eCorner and TEDTalks. I add the videos I want to watch to my "Watch Later" list on my YouTube account and then head downstairs where I can watch them on the TV (thank you, husband, for hooking up a computer to the TV) while sitting on the couch, notepad and pen in hand.

After watching these talks, I add them to the education section of my LinkedIn profile, and will add them to my resume upon it's next overhaul.

I am really happy about the switch and look forward to amassing a huge list of videos I have watched.

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