Friday, March 8, 2013

Keep On Keeping On

In some circles, I am know mostly for my Type 1 diabetes. But I realized I haven't blogged about it in ages.

So, if I don't blog about diabetes do I still have it? Yep.


Still checking my blood sugar 10+ times a day
Still wearing my One Touch Animas insulin pump
Still changing out my pump site (what connects the pump to my body) every 2-4 days
Still measuring 80%  of my food
Still bolusing with insulin for every carbohydrate I eat
Still having low blood sugars occasionally
Still have high blood sugars occasionally
Still making sure I don't exercise within 2 hours of a bolus

And on, and on ...

So, nothing new to report. But it's all still going well.

UPDATE: I just had to tempt fate with this post, didn't I? Well, now I do have news to report. While doing my monthly battery change on my insulin pump I noticed a 1 inch crack along the battery compartment. While it did not interrupt the function on the pump, it certainly voided it's claim of being waterproof. After calls to Animas, and a little UPS tango, I have a  new one and it is working nicely.

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