Thursday, March 7, 2013

Listen To The Music

I have a number of friends and family who have been in or are currently in a band. It is usually for fun, but sometimes it really takes off. My friend since childhood, Alastair Moock, is a good example. I can still remember going canoeing with him at Sandy Island YMCA camp (I paddled, he sang), and yet here he is with a Wikipedia article and numerous awards and albums to his name.

Well, I am hoping that another friend, Patrick Curtain, will soon enjoy some stardom too. He is the bass player in a local band, Worth. And they are starting to get some recognition. I love the music his band makes and even downloaded some of the songs.

Here is the video to one of my favorite Worth songs, "Caught Up." Portland, Oregon is prominently featured in the video, and if you catch a glimpse of the bald bass player, that is Patrick.

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