Monday, April 15, 2013

Make A Course Correction: Part 2

Ok, where was I? Ah yes, the epiphany. Once I realized that changing the population and subject of what I would teach could fix most of the problems, I became overjoyed. And I realized, whether the subject is swimming, insulin pumps/diabetes, exercise, etc. I am and always will be a teacher.

So I began researching what it takes to teach English to Adults in the United States (most language schools require a Bachelor's degree and a TESOL certification, community colleges require a M.A. in TESOL or an equivalent.) And also outside the U.S. (sometimes just a Bachelor's degree, but a TESOL certification helps a lot.)

Note: You have ESL=English As a Second Language (student lives in the U.S. but is a non-native speaker) and EFL=English as a Foreign Language (student lives in non English speaking foreign country and is learning English), if you combine them you have TESOL=Teacher of English of Students of Other Languages. Confusing? Yes. It took me a good week to sort all of that out.

I asked my husband, and I asked my Mom, "Does this job sound like a good fit for me?" and they both answered, "Yes".

I talked with people in the field, I attended local English Conversation Circles (I couldn't believe how quiet and well behaved the students were. What a difference from what I am used to!), I contacted local language schools to find out what they liked to see when hiring, and I spent a lot of time thinking.

And so, in the next week or so I will begin my 100 hour TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification. I have chosen an online, self-paced program so that I can still accomplish my other goals. And I am also now leading an Adult English Conversation Circle held at my local elementary school. I've been having lots of fun sketching out possible lesson plans for the program and thinking of fun teaching tools.

After my certification is complete, I plan on looking for a teaching job at an English language school. And if that goes well, I will start thinking about getting a Master's degree.

Wish me luck!
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