Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Keep It Going

Well, I am now at the half way mark of my TESOL certification course. While taking it, my thoughts range from, "Oh, I know this"! to "Oh crap, what are they talking about?" My grades are in the middle to high 90's, so I guess I am doing something right!

In addition to the certification, I continue to lead (the badly attended) English Conversation Circles at a local Elementary school. When I finish my training for the NOW (Neighbors On Watch) program with the Vancouver Police Department in a few weeks, I will get my Wednesday nights back. So I will then be able to volunteer at an additional (well attended) English Conversation Circle at the library.

I've also talked to a local ESL teacher at Clark Community College and got a comprehensive lay of the land: job outlook, salary, what students are like, etc. (Hard to impossible to find FULL time work, pay is low, student comprehension tends to be at a basic level.)

And since life cannot be all about TESOL certification it's also time to change my weight lifting and swimming routines.

For swimming, I am changing the routine by adding 400 yards (8 laps) and incorporating more kick sets (using the kick board). This means I am up to 1200 yards (~3/4 mile).

For weight lifting, I am changing to a new routine, Oxygen Magazine's Head To Toe Training (May 2013 p. 118-120).

Ok, take a break when you need to, stay hydrated, and keep it going!
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