Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No dejar de aprender

My oh my, so much can change in a few weeks. Well, I am almost done with my TESOL certification program. I have finished all 44 units and only need to submit a final short essay and original Lesson Plan.

I graduate from the NOW class of #11 program this Wednesday night, and I will be soon teaching English Conversation Circles at an additional location.

I'd like to get some more teaching experience before I start applying for jobs at English language schools, so I will have some extra time on my hands for a bit.

What to do with this time? Why brush up on my Spanish skills of course! I have found a free site online where I intend to "take" lessons and I will also attend the Spanish English Conversation Circles put on by the library. But first I will take a Spanish level evaluation. When I am done with my courses, I will take another evaluation. Hopefully, I will have improved greatly.

My three main reasons for brushing up on my Spanish are:

1. To talk fluently with my family members in Spain
2. To grow my brain cells (Learning a language makes you smarter!)
3. To put myself in the shoes of my English Language Learners, which will make me a much more effective teacher.

I even am planning a Lesson Plan about my experiences learning/re-learning a foreign language. I want my students to know that I respect how brave they are to be putting themselves out there.
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