Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Start Again

I am now about two weeks in without a weekly allergy shot. I have more energy, I'm not as irritable, and I am starting to care about things again.

Things like lunch.
Rather than snacking on whatever my husband got at the deli this week, I am actually going to have pesto tuna pasta salad with roasted red peppers (homemade) today. Oh, and I actually went to the supermarket this week! I think it's been at least six weeks since I did any food shopping. I have also ordered some cookbooks from the library.

Things like working out.
Martin and I went on our weekend walk for the first time in about 4 months. Yes, it was shorter, but it was still a fine start! I've added two yoga sessions back into my workout plan, and hope to add some more high intensity cardio in few weeks. I also have a new routine for swimming, it is 1350 yards, the longest it's ever been.

Things like waking up early.
Mornings are still hard because I am stuffed up and my allergy meds take 2 hours to kick in, but I have learned that a lot of water and a little time helps tremendously.

Hopefully things will continue to improve. The grass season should end soon, so that will also help a lot with my allergies. I still feel no positive effects from the allergy shots, but I've been told to give a few more months.