Friday, October 4, 2013

Embrace Your Wild Side

Although my current allergies force me to love dogs and cats and such from afar, the internet has made it incredibly easy to still get a dose of their cuteness.

Here are three web-sites that let you enjoy animals in new and unusual ways:

1. Dog Shaming: Owners send in photos of their dogs (and sometimes cats) that have done bad deeds. The pets usually are wearing a note of shame around their necks. For example: "I ate Mom's new headphones and I'm not sorry." This web-site should be required reading for anyone considering a pet purchase. You will be amazed at the frequency of and creativity of their destructiveness. This site really should be called Owner Shaming, because most of the mess happens when the dogs are alone and bored.

2. Oregon Humane Society's Kitty Cam
You need to install Microsoft Silverlight to use this site, but once you do, you can play with the cats virtually by moving an actual toy in their enclosure. And it's free.

3. OK, so sharks aren't what anyone would describe as adorable, but they sure are fascinating. The Shark Tracker lets you see where the 40+ great white sharks that the OCEARCH crew has tagged are up to. With names like Oprah (yes, named after the Oprah), Princess Fi, and Maddox and photos from most of the captures, it is quite the entertaining (and educational) web-site.

So whether you want cute or cut-throat, you can enjoy it without even having to leave home!
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