Monday, November 25, 2013

Develop Your Vocabulary

With my beginner ESL students, vocabulary development and pronunciation practice is very important. So I try to come up with ways for them to practice the vocabulary words of the day over and over for about 90 minutes without wanting to poke out my eyes.

So here are some of my tricks:
(I don't usually use all of them in one lesson plan.)

1. Flashcards: I like to put them in a brown paper bag and have the students pull them out. And yes, I get eye rolls from my students when they see the bag out, but they always go along with it. I make them read the cards, spell the words and sometimes even draw a picture.
Print free custom flashcards at Lakeshore Learning.

2. Bingo Cards: Three lessons equals enough vocabulary words for a bingo game!
Print free custom bingo cards at

3. Word Search: Forwards, diagonal, even backwards, students must search for the vocabulary words of the day!
Print free custom word searches at Lakeshore Learning.

4. Hangman: Whether on the whiteboard or using an app, such as Doodle Hangman HD (in 2 player mode, you can enter custom words one at a time), hangman never fails to be fun.

If you have any easy but unique ways to practice vocabulary, please let me know, I'm always looking for more tricks!
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