Monday, December 16, 2013

Add Some Fun To Your Lessons

One of the most valuable tools I have in my English teaching arsenal is my tablet. If I've prepared a lesson plan on fruits & vegetables but then a student asks what a giraffe looks like, rather than trying to act it out (Yes, I've tried this. It didn't work.) I can pull it up on my tablet and the student understands instantly.

If I want to reinforce the spelling and pronunciation of new vocabulary words we can look at paper flashcards all day long. But playing a game of hangman, doing a wordsearch, or using Quizlet flashcards on the tablet takes it to a whole different level.

And if a student needs a break? Yes, they can sit quietly ... or they can play Turkey Smash or some other silly game.

But tablets are expensive and can be cumbersome to take around with you. So I decided on the highly rated, Hisense Sero 7 Pro, it was $130 at Walmart, and at 7 inches can be used by 1-3 students at a time. I'm really glad I bought it, I think it adds a lot to my English lessons.

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