Monday, December 2, 2013


Back in May of 2013 I stopped lifting weights. I know this because the last day I charted was May 20th and the chart has a layer of dust on it. Why did I stop? The allergy shots made weight lifting too hard. I couldn't breathe, and it was just too hard to do. So I stopped.

One could argue that all of my swimming is considered strength training, but I wanted more. I missed these workout sessions. So last week I started again. When I told my massage therapist that I had started again, she asked why. Was it to bulk up? Was it to tone? I answered ... because it makes me feel good.

For now, I'm going simple. Not EASY, mind you, just simple. I am following Chalene Johnson's "Sculpt 30 Class "routine from my TurboFire DVD set. (I bought it in 2011 and am still loving it!) I'm also using my red SPRI tubing.

Once I get tired of this routine, I can also try the "Tone 30 Class" and "Bonus Burn Circuit 1" but I'm guessing that by then I'll be back to my notebook of favorite workouts using weights. Either way, I'll continue to be happily sore and growing stronger by the day!
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