Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lazy English Bad

Like most Americans, if I am lazy, I make lots of mistakes when I write. But since I am teaching English as a second/foreign language to students, I have to be careful. In addition, I need to explain concepts to my students, not just tell them, "Because I said so." So I need to really understand a concept before attempting to teach it.

But one of the problems of paying close attention to grammar, is that now I see errors everywhere: on the peanut butter jar (Why is the word refrigerated in the "Please open after Refrigerating." note capitalized? It shouldn't be.), in the doctor's office ("That sign should say in not at."), almost everywhere I look.

This focus on grammar also makes me second guess my own English. I am constantly checking the dictionary to make sure I've got the right pronunciation, the right definition and the right spelling. This makes me a great and thorough teacher, but it also makes me feel like the ...

And I've never really been a fan. So, can I help my students without being that annoying know-it-all that constantly corrects everyone's grammar? I think so. Well, that is until I figure out comma usage (my Achilles heel), then all bets are off.
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