Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get The Heel Out Of Here!

My sharp eyed readers will notice the pun I used in the blog post title. Yes, normally, the phrase is, "Get the hell out of here!" but in my case, I am talking to high heels. And thus, the pun.

I'm done with high heels. I. will. not. wear. them. any. more. They hurt my back, they hurt my knees and they keep me hobbled. I don't care that they elongate my legs, I don't care that they make me look statuesque. I'm done. D-O-N-E done.

I need to be able to "run" from teaching one English class to another (this term I only have 10 minutes). I want to be able to walk around Spain for more than just 20 minutes without shooting pains up my feet. And I want to feel light, springy and airy. And thus ... no high heels.

But what can I wear instead? What will fit the bill? Introducing an oldy but goody ... Clarks.

I now have the Clarks Hare Sport Flat in Grey (because I'm crazy bold) and the Clark Propose Pixie in Pewter (still crazy).

So the only question that remains is, which pair gets to go to Spain with me?

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